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Core values of the Kaiyuan corporate culture – to fulfill social responsibilities, advocate team spirit, and respect individual values.

Fulfill social responsibilities
Always remember the social missions of the industry people, which is to turn social resources into social wealth through efforts in order to promote the prosperity of social economy and realize peace and happiness of mankind.
Advocate team spirit
Always remember that we are all part of the enterprise and the development of the enterprise relies on the efforts of all employees. Whether an enterprise is successful or not depends on its people, because every one of them is indispensable to the operation of the enterprise. Let us be of one heart and of one mind and cooperate heartily in concerted efforts. It is better that everyone makes a little progress than that only one person makes big progress. The vitality of a company lies in powerful organizing capabilities.
Respect individual values
Always remember that while we respect choices based on individual values, we also actively advocate the value concept of devoting oneself to both the society and others, in the hope of helping the diversified individual values coexist harmoniously with the common enterprise values.

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