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Mission Statement
To fulfill our duty, promote the prosperity of the society economy, and realize peace and happiness of mankind.
It is the beautiful wish of mankind through the ages to eliminate poverty and realize peace and happiness. This wish will come true only when the social wealth is increased to a certain amount and the distribution is just and fair, which has become the social mission for we industry people.

Collaborate Efforts: Concerted efforts not only act as the primary element to realize our mission statement, but also serve as the foundation for the success of our cause.
Serve the County: Serving the country by invigorating the industry is the essence of our mission statement. It is our lifelong ambition to serve the country and repay the society.
Pursue Career Excellence: To unremittingly pursue a better career will definitely enrich your life.
Strive to Make Progress: Striving to work hard is the only way that leads to the accomplishment of our social missions.
Stay Diligent and Honest: Working diligently, staying honest, and leading a simple life is a virtue that we shall keep cultivating and practising.
Build Harmonious and Amiable Relationships: Getting along with each other like a family is a wonderful and harmonious personal relationship that everyone expects. We shall make efforts to build such relationships.
Be Courteous and Humble: Humility and courtesy together make an orderly society. Appropriate etiquettes and humility can nurture the soul and cultivate the mind.
Express Gratitude: When you keep in mind that all we have derives from others and the society, you will truly relish the pleasure and happiness of life.

The development of an enterprise depends on to what degree the enterprise meets social needs.  
As a social entity, an enterprise shall fulfill its social responsibilities. An enterprise can only become popular and gain development when it is needed by the society. Fundamentally, it is the society that decides on the existence and development of an enterprise. Therefore, all business operations conducted by an enterprise must do their utmost to contribute to the social development and maximally meet social needs. This is not only the duty that an enterprise must fulfil, but also a prerequisite for an enterprise to exist.

To Create and Challenge
Industry people are creators who have a sacred social mission to continuously create more and more better material products. Only through continuous creation can we realize our social values.
Industry people are challengers who seek to unceasingly challenge newer and higher goals. Only through unceasing challenges can we promote the prosperous development of the society.

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