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Kaiyuan Group is specialized in the welding industry and has established strategic cooperation with many leading enterprises in various industries, contributing to the improvement of China’s welding technology and the application of efficient welding equipment.
China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. (CIMC)

In 2005, the two parties signed strategic cooperation agreement.
In 2011, the two parties jointly built a laboratory for the research and application of automation, informatization, and efficient welding equipment and methods.

Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding(Group) Co., Ltd.

Since 2007, the two parties began to make feasible research on the special welding equipment for the LNG ship maintenance system.
In 2009, the LNG Ship Invar Steel Seam Welder Joint Development Team was established.
In 2010, the Invar Steel Seam Welder for LNG Ship officially passed the certification of GTT and broke the monopoly of foreign products. The product outweighs similar products made by overseas enterprises in terms of overall technological level, technical indexes and functions.
In 2013, the two parties completed the R&D and certification for the overall LNG ship maintenance system and the 11 kinds of special welding equipments, and successfully applied the products in the construction of LNG ships.

Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (XCMG)
Since 2008, the two parties began to cooperate in the research and development of intelligent robot welding of main structural parts for hoisting machinery, excavating machinery, concrete machinery, etc.

Guangxi LiuGong Group Co., Ltd.
In 2010, the two parties signed the strategic cooperation agreement and began to conduct the design, R&D, implementation and service work for the automatic welding solutions in accordance with the type, quality, yield and other requirements of the welding structural parts.

China Railway Shanhaiguan Bridge Group Co., Ltd.
The two parties started cooperation from the steel box girder project for the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, and made great breakthrough in the key technology of intelligent welding for large structural parts like the U-shaped rib and the diaphragm plate, and realized optimal robot welding solutions.

Shandong Energy Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Group Co., Ltd.
The two parties started cooperation in 2012 in the “High-end Hydraulic Support Intelligent Welding Workshop” project which was included in the Special Program of Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment, and successfully developed the first intelligent flexible welding line for the coal mining machinery industry.

Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries (Group) Co.,Ltd.

The two parties started cooperation in 2012 in the “Offshore Drilling Platform Equipment Intelligent Welding Workshop Project” which was included in the Special Program of Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment, and successfully completed the automatic intelligent welding task for large structural parts of energy equipment like the pile support of the drilling platform.


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