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Liu Baocheng 

Chairman, General Manager, and Secretary of the Party Committee of Kaiyuan Group
National Model Worker
Deputy to the 10th and 11th National People’s Congress
Deputy Director of the 4th,, 5th, and 6th China Welding Association
Director of the 5th and 6th China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association Electric Welder Branch

With the great historical course of building a socialist market economy brought by the reform and opening up policy in China, Kaiyuan Group always adheres to its guiding principle of realizing the happiness of mankind through industrial prosperity, fulfills its social mission of serving the country through invigorating the industry, sticks to the operational concept of meeting social needs, and implements the human-oriented management philosophy. During the past three decades, under the support from various circles of society and with the unremitting efforts from all its employees, Kaiyuan Group has become the largest welding equipment industry group in China.

Though we have gained great achievements, we will not be satisfied. We will continue to improve our product quality and reliability, provide more timely services and optimal prices, and exceed customers' expectations and move customers with surprises. We strive to build an enterprise that has the greatest social values.

We are always forging ahead toward the modernization of the equipment manufacturing industry in China!


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